Back in the Saddle

Doing financials at Thai Fresh!

Winter is depressing and hard, but I’m back, and I’ve balanced my checkbook for the first time since 2015!

I have returned to the indubitable Thai Fresh to plan for my financial future! My weekly visits here to keep track of money during my two-year home remodel was one of the few things keeping me sane.

I haven’t had a real budget since I sold my home in 2015. That was the first and biggest step in drastically reducing my “standard of living” while greatly improving my quality of life. But I want the bragging rights of being able to say *exactly* how much cheaper my life is than it was back then, and for that I need to crunch some numbers.

Previously I’d been using Banktivity to keep track of my accounts and transactions. While it has a lot of powerful investment features I don’t use anymore, it was actually much worse than the simpler Quicken at doing basic budgeting and expense tracking. Now that I’ve switched back, all my happy little account numbers agree, and all the transactions since 2015 are still in the system. The data for a new budget is in there, I just have to massage it out!

This is a huge step, because until I have a more solid idea of how much my life costs, I can’t really make any plans for travel, retirement, or decide what kind of jobs I might get. I’m excited to be moving on this again!

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