Finding the Hot Spot

I was getting super uneven cooking in my square cast iron pan on my induction cooktop. I had another I found at Goodwill for $10, and was inspired by this post to do some hotspot testing using almond flour.

The point of this testing was to find the hotspots, so I didn’t make an effort to be super scientific. For instance, I didn’t wait for the cast iron pan to to fully cool down before trying it with the second burner. It was still noticeably warm. I tried to get the temps as close as possible to begin with, but my last test, with the Gourmia cooktop and my big stainless skillet, required me to amp up the heat to see the pattern.

Here’s the original black Tramontia 81500/100 cooker with my cast iron pan set to 245 o F on the left, and same pan on my Gourmia GIC 100 at 250 o F:



I did the same with the big stainless pan I use for most of my cooking these days:



In both cases, the hotspot was smaller and more concentrated on the black Tramontia, which isn’t surprising since the diameter of it’s inner ring is a little bit bigger.

Gonna try using the Gourmia for a few weeks and and report back!

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