Standing Up

I just finished this fabulous standing workstation in the yurt!



After finding a monitor mount at Treasure City Thrift, I was ready to try setting up my workspace for standing.

I’ve been a slug all winter, and anything I can do to improve my health and exercise is worth doing. I have terrible posture habits when sitting, so getting my ass out of the seat was critical.

In the process, I also moved my combo oven under the countertop, which increased my usable counter space by at least 30%! I’m a little concerned about whether it has enough clearance when used as a toaster or convection oven, but I think it will be ok. Only testing will tell for sure.


The new location is right next to the door, so I can look outside when it’s open now. I’ll also be able to look through the new porthole window I’m making in the new door, one of my next projects!

I got an Egrodriven Topo anti-fatigue mat on Ebay for about $85 delivered. It should be here Wednesday.

In the process, I waterproofed the OSB I’m using for the countertop. So far I haven’t waterproofed most of the raw wood in the yurt, and I’ve definitely caught certain portions getting a little musty from the humidity. Now that this section is done, I can move all the crap from the other two sections and waterproof them as well. Along with the air filter, it should really improve the air quality when the yurt has to be buttoned up for long periods of time.

I’m excited to think about all the creativity that will be unleashed in this space!

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