Back in the Saddle with Superautomatico


“Why”, you might ask, “are you putting unopened popsicles in that $1000 superautomatic espresso machine?”

Good question!

The answer begins with me finding this $1000 Saeco Intelia superautomatic espresso machine for $25 at a thrift store!

I couldn’t test it there, but I figured if there was ever a gamble with taking, this was it!

I got it home, and aside from a few easy-and-cheap-to-fix parts, it *worked*!

This fucker not ONLY grinds the beans, and primes itself, it will froth it’s own milk, put it in your glass, pull the shot(s) into it, and throw away the grounds, it will *also* automagically custom adjust the brew variables until it pulls the perfect shot with a given grind and type of bean. Wow!

On one hand, I’m super grateful, because Holy shit! What a find!

I’m also bathing in irony, because after developing some fairly decent barista chops, I decided that coffee was screwing up my life to much to keep drinking it until I get to some better place later. Throwing those shots away testing the machine was painful!

So I decided to clean it while I was waiting on the parts. There was a power failure half way through, and after that it wouldn’t move water through the main brew head anymore. So now it’s in pieces scattered all over the yurt. Luckily there’s a full shop manual online, and the machine has a lot of automatic diagnostic features, so it’s just a matter of time before I get it nailed down.

Oh, and the Popsicles? I used them to cool down the water between cycles. Of course!

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7 Responses to Back in the Saddle with Superautomatico

  1. ShanMan says:

    Coffee is screwing with your life, but frozen sugar water isn’t? πŸ™‚

  2. Scott Mauer says:

    I originally bought them for Flipside, our Austin-based Burning Man regional Burn. Because we haven’t been eating them, they’ve just been sitting around in the deep freeze until now.

    • ShanMan says:

      Oh, fun! The burn, that is…and good use of those toxic sticks of DOOM. πŸ˜€

      What health impact of coffee are you investigating? Increased LDL particles? Gastro-over-acidification? Caffeine sleep disruption?

  3. Scott Mauer says:

    The main reason seems to be turbo-charging of adrenal-fatigue circadian rhythm and sleep issues. No matter how careful I am with it, it ends up messing up my sleeping schedule. It also makes me feel tense, causes muscle stiffness, and also seems to effect my prostate. All of which is sad and ironic, since I’ve been learning barista skills recently and finally had gotten to a point where I could pull and appreciate a good shot!

    • ShanMan says:

      Yeah, I run into that on the road when I cannot control the bean source. Though, I hadn’t heard about prostate interactions. That’s odd!

      Lately, I’ve been following a protocol of all my coffee being paper filtered (and, single-source reliable roast)…and only in the morning.

      Ironically, I was gifted a Nespresso machine a few weeks back πŸ˜‰

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