Three-Hundred and Fifteen Dollars

IMG_20180205_134602.jpgAfter hitting Calculate, I had to admit that $315 isn’t much money for two months of work.

After not having a “regular” job since 2010, I’ve been formalizing my incurable thrifting addiction into a business. I love the thrill of the hunt and getting great stuff super cheap. My life is full of prestigious, high end devices from Apple, Dyson, Android, Kitchen Aid, etc., and I rarely paid more than $20 each for any of them. I also love fixing broken things, and keeping things out of the landfill, like the $1100 Saeco Intellia superautomatic expresso maker sitting here on the counter that I *also* got for $20.

Although it’s not much money, the fact that I know how much I’ve made shows that my business accounting is solidifying. I’m keeping track of how much profit I think I’ll make vs. how much I actually do. Right now it’s in a spreadsheet, but I want to turn it into a formal database so I can instantly answer questions like “how much is inventory purchased since January is still unsold?”, etc.

That $315 is just the profit from the Ebay part of my resale business, which was the easiest to get off the ground. Just photograph, list, and ship! However, I have a ton of inventory to sell locally, it just requires getting the interior of Junior, my Sprinter van stealth conversion, ready for full-time use again. I’ve lived inside him for two months on the road, he’s simply backslid into junk storage. I’ve wanted to try van camping in town in Austin since I got back, and this is my chance. A big help would be getting my propane stove installed, since this would not only be much better than cooking on electric, but would also allow me to use my propane RV heater for the cold nights we’ll still have for a few more months.

The intention is to go into town in the van full of for-sale merchandise and do deals during the week. The van can be set up as a showroom with full 120V power, potential upsells, etc. I can ride the Brompton to local deliveries to get more exercise and do more thrifting when I don’t have appointments. I’m also turning my thrift store accounting into a mobile game, which will advance my plan of getting back into high tech work. Finally, I’m pushing myself to live as cheaply as I possibly can, just to define my bottom-end. This means living entirely off of what I make with the resale business and still staying in the black. At $174/month, I’m obviously not there yet.

But I’m moving the right direction.

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