Reclaiming Van Life!

I’m eating my first gas-stove-cooked meal inside Junior, my Sprinter van conversion!


On Junior’s maiden voyage through Yellowstone all the way to Portland, Oregon, I chose to do all my cooking with electric because I wanted to really push the solar system hard to find out how well it worked. I was able to cook for 30-45 minutes a day most days and still have enough power to run the fridge, lights, and inverter. But it’s hard on the system, and since I also have a Olypmic Wave 6 gas heater, it makes a lot more sense to cook on propane.

After returning from that trip, the prototype interior of the van fell apart, and I’ve mostly been using the cabin as a storage compartment for my resale business. It feels good to be reclaiming the space so I can go back out on the road!

This Ramblewood Green stove was recommended by Tynan in his fabulous van life book The Tiniest Mansion. Eventually I’d like to recess it into the countertop, but for now I build this movable wooden frame for more flexibility. I’m typing this from a Chromebook I rescued from the landfill, and I can picture myself doing computer work here while living in town to sell my big collection of merchandise that’s too big to sell on Ebay.

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