In fall of 2010, I quit my ten year corporate software career to strike out on my own.  With twelve months of money in the bank and a gleam in my eye, I stepped into the world of independent software development!   MobiusTrip is my brainchild, and my bridge to a career of getting up late, lounging around in coffee houses, and not working for someone else.

I’m currently developing for iOS using GameSalad, a fantastic tool for allowing non-gamers to develop games.

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  1. James says:

    Well done! The yurt-life looks interesting. I’ve considered it myself in my considerations of living naturally.

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Thanks! I’m a little bit apprehensive about moving into a yurt designed for Oregon summers while living in Texas, but that will just be more motivation to get started building a bigger, more Texas-proof yurt. Up until now I’ve only lived in mine in Portland in the summers for a few months at a time, but I’m yurting full time starting in April!

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Hi James, thanks for commenting! Yurt living has been a fun adventure so far. I just got winter figured out and now will suddenly have to deal with summer. Yesterday was the first day it was too hot even with the roof ring and door open. I’m going to get a free-standing AC unit soon. The insulation setup is really great right now, I only have one hole above the door I have to figure out, and I’ll be nearly airtight. I’m also going to build a mylar radiant barrier roof cover to deflect the sun, which should help immensely. The yurt is set up among the trees, only the top gets direct sunlight. The leaves are all budding out right now, and once they’re fully in place, it should provide a lot of evaporative cooling. Many people live in yurts in places like Alaska, they’re definitely a well-proven structure for most climates. You can buy many excellent ones pre-made, and are pretty easy to make oneself. The hardest part is the doorframe where everything comes together. I’d actually like to start a Open Source Yurt organization to help people share their experiences online. Right now I’m also on the yurt forum here: http://www.yurtforum.com/forums/

  2. atkokosplace says:

    I’m very interested in your GameSalad. I think it’s awesome what you are doing. Delving into your blog…can’t wait. Nice to meet you btw and best wishes with yurt living. 🙂 Koko

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Good to meet you, too! I recommend GameSalad to anyone who wants to play with making games, especially if they’ve don’t really want to learn a lot of programming. My first two games were made with it, and I’ll probably be using it again for simple future projects. Right now I’m also playing with Pico8, a fantasy retro platform that’s even more primitive than the original NES. As part of my training for retro, I’ve been playing through the original Legend of Zelda, which has been a blast. I conquer the final dungeon tonight!

      • atkokosplace says:

        Haha! Thats aweomse. Wow Zelda! I haven’t played that in …. forever! 😉 I’d like to try my hand at creating a game. I’m going to share this with my son. He’s does all kinds of things in the gaming world. At the moment announcing games at a show. I’m kind of clueless about it all. I’ve been playing computer games like Dragon Age and The Witcher. Congrats on conquering Zelda! 🙂

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